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   Futsal Pitch

2 Types :    Synthetic Turf   

OLYMFLEX (PU Membrane System) Rubberized Floor


Synthetic Turf 

There are two types:        (1) 22mm pile height            (2) 40mm pile height

Synthetic turf all weather multi-use playing surfaces are fast becoming a standard facility within schools and futsal arenas throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia. The multi-use surface can easily be installed over existing concrete or asphalt.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is 100% UV stable polypropylene yarn tufted into a marine quality, rubberized backing. It is unaffected by weather, hardwearing, and almost impervious to staining. Spillages and surface debris can simply be hosed off. 1mm to 5mm SBR rubber granules will be infill for cushioning allowing players more flexibility during play especially for sliding tackles.

synthetic Turf was awarded the UEFA test certificate in compliance with Union of European Football Associations standard. This product  from New Zealand and Britain has been endorsed by FIFA as a creditable playing surface. The fibres are made from a unique polypropylene blend of LSR (Low Sliding Resistance) yarns which is soft to reduce injury and also to give the synthetic grass a natural look and feel. We believe that our popular and affordable 22mm synthetic turf carpet would be able to provide you much satisfaction in terms of quality and durability.
Synthetic Turf
  • tough, durable, stain resistant
  • for use in wet or dry conditions
  • impervious to salt water and to most stains
  • gives sure, comfortable footing
  • attractive colour range
  • easily installed
  • ideal in marine, commercial, sports clubs, school and home situations
  •   Click here to view pdf file on Synthetic Turf used in Football


    click on image to view a large image of the Tiger Turf synthetic turf sample
    Synthetic Turf
    Side View: Synthetic Turf for FE 60/40 PP/PE with pile height 60mm (2 types of turf shown above and FIFA certified) Top View: Synthetic Turf for FE 60/40 PP/PE with pile height 60 or 50mm. (PolyPropylene & Softer PolyEthylene)
    Side View: Synthetic Turf for TT 37 (no need sand infill, can be used for mini-golf) Bottom View: Synthetic Turf for TT 37 showing pores for drainage.
    Side View: Synthetic Turf for 4000-3 50/130 with pile height 50mm. Top View: Synthetic Turf for fibrillated 22/170 with white lines stitched to turf backing. Pile height 22mm.

    OLYMFLEX Seamless PU Membrane Fibre Reinforced System Rubberized Floor

    OLYMFLEX Rubberized Sports Floor can be either laid in-situ as gym floor system or as Mobile Mat reinforced by high strength fiber base mat with flexible mesh. As for sports floor laid in-situ, it consists of a layer of rubber base mat 5mm to 13mm thick or any choice of thickness to suit specification and finished with fortified polymer coating system or PU coating. When applied on top of 100% recycled black sbr rubber granules layer, the elastic floor coatings provide a resilient surface for player comfort, safety and performance. OLYMFLEX Rubberized Floor offers excellent durability, friendly to knee and slip-resistance.

    The system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor Badminton Mats and various sports floor like Futsal Arenas, Multi-purpose Halls, etc. OLYMFLEX Rubberized Floor has excellent features and makes an ideal multi-purpose surface for fitness centres, schools and colleges. It is excellent in Ball Bounce, Ball Roll and provides a seamless smooth one whole surface for low maintenance. It is modular and can be removed and re-used elsewhere. The coloured top coating provides excellent abrasion and good traction. This product is made in Malaysia and comes in any colour to suit your choice.


    1. It has no joint or glue problems.
    2. It is applied in a single pour and gives a uniformly leveled surface even if the concrete base if uneven.
    3. Provides a seamless, smooth one whole surface.
    4. No ants/termites problems.
    5. It is fire resistant since material is predominantly rubber based.
    6. It can withstand heavy gym equipment and moisture.
    7. It will not warp after years of usage.

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    side view of 8mm - 10mm Venture Sportex PU Membrane System Rubberized Floor



    Indoor Futsall Court
    Material Colour used: Dark Green or Orange
    Polyethylene Net 380/60 (2.6mm diameter) comes with 1 “ x 1 ” Square Hole (Dark Green) and Surrounding the nets with 12mm diameter PE Rope with Rooftop Netting of 380/48 (2.3mm diameter) with 1 ”  X 1 ” or 3” X 3” Square Hole.

    futsal court dimensions for netting with double layer netting from ground up       length and width of futsal netting    

    Click on image to view a larger view of the netting

    soccer players tackling ball

    astrograss synthetic turf provides positive traction

    built-in-lines on astrograss looks great

    Developing Skills

    Positive Traction

    Built-in-lines : Looks Great

    pictures of astrograss installed in futsal courts and arenas

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