Monday, July 05, 2004

Olympic Venture introduces new decorative concrete coatings - Acid Stain (classy marble-grain)and Polymer Stain. This new generation of concrete is 1)freeze/thaw resistant 2)twice the strength of concrete 3)oil, gas & grease resistant 4)salt, fertilizer & stain resistant 4)sun damage & fade resistant 5)ten years limited warranty 6)unlimited colours, textures, patterns & designs. The coatings can restore dull steps to dazzling ones, embarassing front way to an elegant one, from plain driveways to personalized driveways.

The Acid Stain will not 1)chip, fade or peel; 2)will last the life time of the surface to which it is applied; 3)economical, versatile, durable, elegant and 4)easy to maintain. We have just completed recent projects for a swimming club in late June 2004 using green stain and malay tan stain for a family home on the mainland.

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