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Running Tracks

We're proud that the world's greatest athletes train and compete on our track systems. Time-tested performance and durability make our premier product a natural for international training and competition.

What do we offer?     1) High performance     2) Durability     3) Cushioning     4) Cost-efficiency

Our popular – and economical -- track systems combine performance and shock absorbency with a long life span. Perfect for entry-level, our brand of latex systems meet your performance and budgetary requirements. If your existing track simply needs a new surface, we have the knowledge and the products to add years of life to it.



Olympic Venture offers outdoor sports surfaces for athletic tracks, playgrounds, tennis courts and multipurpose use. Our top class athletic systems are international standard certified.  Our range of products include

  • High performance, impermeable, full polyurethane, three-layer athletic track system. In-situ applied with a granular coloured EPDM finish

  • Impermeable sandwich system for athletic tracks and field sports

  • Permeable, multi purpose outdoor sports system. In-situ applied, single layer, seamless surface.

          Synthetic Surface for Running Track  

Various Track Systems

Full P.U. System

full P.U. system coating with epdm finish


Sandwich System

P.U. sandwich system - coating with epdm finish

Structural Spray System

P.U. spray top coating mixed with epdm powder


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