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Parquet Flooring

parquet flooring installed by Olympic Venture.
Top View - Parquet Flooring installed by Olympic Venture for a school hall in KL.

Benefits of Using Parquet Flooring
  • Requires little maintenance - Parquet floors are made of wood. Part of the process in installing them is to have a finish on top. This finish can last all throughout the year if not exposed to elements that may make it dull like water and moisture, and too much sunlight. This means that parquet floors do not need to be waxed just like other floors. Nor scrubbing is needed to keep it shiny. The only things that you have to do are to mop and vacuum it to keep dusts and grits away.

  • Flooring adequate for more extensive multi-purpose hall uses - Are you planning to hold activities that require excessive movements such as parties, dance socials, and the likes? In these cases, parquetry effectively helps since it has smooth and equally leveled surface. Just like any other wooden floor, its smooth surface will have lesser friction if you are wearing non-rubber shoes.

  • More comfort in the eyes over time - It is not only the smoothness and the evenness of the flooring that matters, but also the beauty that is expressed through the design. This is the reason why it is used most of the time in hotels, churches, and in homes of well-known people. The design of parquet floors is geometric in shape, which gives relaxation to the eyes that see it.

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