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Miniature Golf 

9 Hole Indoor Family Fun Golf at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

  1.  Entrance to Family Fun Golf beside lakefront.
miniature golf par 1 entrance
Hole 2 with Wooden House and Garden Decoration.
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par 1 banner miniature golf
Entrance to Family Fun Golf with Banner.
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  1. Hole 8 putting. Potted plants and nursery rhymes characters decorate the indoor landscape.
putting at hole 6
Hole 8 with Humpy Dumpty.
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humpy dumpty sitting on a wall
Humpy Dumpty Sitting on a Wall.
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  1. Malaysian flag on top of the tower and green-satin-covered potted plants with faux flowers.
tower with malaysian flag decoration on hole 7
Hole 7 with Tower and Malaysian Flag.
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green satin covered potted plants and faux flowers
Green Satin Covered Potted Plants and Faux Flowers Fill the Landscape.
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  1. A standing banner with easy Malay/English instructions and layout sits on the entrance.
Banner with English/Malay Rules and Mini Golf Layout
Banner with Easy Malay/English Rules and Miniature Golf Layout.
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styrofoam golfball
Giant Golf Ball Carved from Styrofoam and a Flag Sits on the Entrance.
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  1. Overall Family Fun Golf layout and landscape.
Mini Golf Layout Green Carpet and Potted Plants Beautify the Landscape.
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