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Okay, here it is, the one-ball driving range that you can put in the yard, in the garage, or down in the basement.   With the inner net set up and in place, you can have Jerry James pound 400 yard drives and the Kage will catch the ball, and gently roll it right back to him.

Want to practice pitch shots?  Put the target at the bottom of the Kangaroo Kage
® and chip and pitch away to develop that important feel for distance.

And if you're the owner of a popular driving range, a couple of Kages let people warm up while they're waiting for a stall.

And for a golf course, a Kangaroo Kage
® at the side of the first and tenth tees is a great thing for that final warm-up swing before the golfer has to hit the shot that counts.

Heads Up!
The inside baffle must be hanging freely before using, or you may be injured by the return of the golf ball. The side net must also be in place before swinging your golf club. Any golf club may be used to practice. The target may be placed on the floor of the Kage® for chipping practice.



We love the Kangaroo Kage® for baseball because it allows you to practice so many elements of the game.

It is the perfect "pepper" player.  It will play with you or with three or four players, each tossing the ball into the side or back of the Kangaroo Kage® and making it bounce off at angles to deflect to a different player each time.  The netting can be tightened or loosened to provide practice at different speed and skill levels.

The back of the Kangaroo Kage®, tightened to your needs, makes a wonderful "catcher" for a player to practice their pitching and/or throwing.  You can throw 90 mph fastballs at the back of the Kangaroo Kage® and it will return them at 20mph, 50mph -- you set the netting.   Naturally, if you throw the ball low into the net, it will toss it back high, and vice versa.  You can also pitch to a target tied to the back, either side, or inside the open end of the Kangaroo Kage®.  And throw some with your "weak" hand -- it helps develop a stronger weak side to use in hitting.

Then you can hit baseballs into the open side of the Kangaroo Kage® and have the ball just roll back to you or jump back out if you want to test your alertness by tightening the netting.   If you have a pitching machine, just set it up at the back end of the Kangaroo Kage® and just to the side and it will throw balls "over the plate" that the hitter hits into the Kangaroo Kage® and nobody has to chase the ball.



Your whole team can practice with the Kangaroo Kage® The first player kicks the ball into the Kage, runs to the back of the line as the next player "fields" the return from the Kage and kicks it into the goal (Kage), and then the next player and so on.

The greatest reason to have the  Kangaroo Kage®, though, is to develop your "weaker" foot.   The  Kangaroo Kage® will play with you for hours and never make fun of you in the beginning as you learn to kick with your "non-preferred" foot.  And all great players can use either foot under pressure.  That's what separates them.  And this is the ultimate private way to make sure you can do that and are the best.

The soccer coach of course now has the ultimate tool to help him or her teach.  And has a way to make sure everybody practices with their non-prefered side.

If there are a couple of families on the same block with kids on a team, a few families can even share the Kangaroo Kage®, keeping it outdoors in the back yard during the sunny weather, and putting it in someone's garage or basement when the weather isn't as nice.  But no family with a kid or kids into soccer can afford not to have the Kage and give their child(ren) the best possible chance to develop skills and the self-esteem that comes with being able to use both feet and to play well.



Well, you've got your new best friend for sure here.  The netting on the Kangaroo Kage® is tension adjustable, which means you can now practice with someone better than you, the same as you, or weaker.

The back of the Kangaroo Kage® works really well for tennis because it has the best tautness adjustability, so you truly can determine exactly the level of player you want to play against.  That means that your shot will be returned harder than you hit it, the same as you hit your, or will come back with less force than you put it.

The sides of the Kangaroo Kage® make for great fast action hand-eye, reflex practice.  Just get up close, say three to five feet from the Kangaroo Kage®, and hit into the side with the netting fairly taut (tight).  You'll have to respond quickly to the Kage's return.  See how many times you can do it before you miss one, and try hitting it at different angles.

To practice serving, you can use the open side of the Kage and put pinned targets on the floor or the back of the Kangaroo Kage®.  Or you can use the back of the Kangaroo Kage® and hit to targets inside the Kage so that you're serving "through" the Kangaroo Kage®, as though it were the net.  And the back of the Kangaroo Kage® will return it, so you can work on serve and volley. Your imagination will quickly let you see many ways to practice that critical serve.



By using the inner hanging net, the Kangaroo Kage® can handle a full-fledged NHL star's slap shot and return it safely to him at the foot of the Kage.  It certainly will withstand any youngster's slap shot, and will provide an excellent target for the aspiring NHL star. 

Here's a tip -- make a cardboard cutout goalie and put it in front of the Kangaroo Kage
® so that you have to work on getting past the goalie with the shot.  A big stuffed animal will work, as will many other things -- use your imagination, but it will help to have a goalie that you can move around so that your aim gets more precise.

You don't need ice, although the Kangaroo Kage
® can be set up on the ice on any pond or lake.   Thus it can be used as a goal for an informal game anytime.

If you want to practice at home, use a piece of Astroturf or, much better, go to Office Max and get one of those Plexiglas carpet protectors that home offices use under their chair at the computer.  They are inexpensive and work beautifully as a surface from which to hit slap shots.



The Kangaroo Kage® has a lot of applications for football practice, especially for kickers.  Obviously, the Kage is perfect for sidelines warm-up for a kicker just before kicking off or punting, and most importantly, for the field goal attempt.  Any serious kicker will want one of these at home to practice on whenever he's got a few spare moments.

The sides and back of the Kangaroo Kage
® can be used to throw a ball back and forth between friends by throwing at an angle into the netting and having it deflect, thus making the catch more interesting and challenging.

A quarterback can throw the ball into the open Kangaroo Kage
® and have the ball bounced back to him, or he can tighten the tension and throw against the back of the Kangaroo Kage® and have it returned to him at a pretty good distance -- the more you practice with the Kage, the more adept you'll be at passing up to 40 or 50 yards. And use the target when you want to pinpoint throws.

And use the Kangaroo Kage
® to throw with your non-dominant hand just to strengthen the weaker side and then you have the ability to blow away the opponent in a game by switching hands under pressure and throwing a pass with the "wrong" hand.



Believe it or not, the Kangaroo Kage® is a great basketball goal and it allows a whole group of folks to practice at the same time.  If you stand the Kangaroo Kage®  on its "stomach" (the open end on the floor), the Kangaroo Kage®   is exactly ten feet tall and it has a centerpiece that you can adjust the tension in, thus creating a basket that springs the ball back out.  If four players are around it, it will bounce back to one of them and then they can shoot it and wait for another bounce to bring it back to them.  It will always bounce back out, so it makes for a great way to practice height of the shot and to a target that represents pretty much what the goal does on a real court.

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