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Indoor Sports/Gym Floor

Indoor sports surfaces comprise two types of materials:
1) Polyurethane surface
2) Rubber granulated surface
3) Wood/timber surface

1) Polyurethane sandwich type comprises a polyurethane-bound granulated rubber shock pad topped up by a seamless structure layer. It is durable and is superior wear-resistant for indoor applications and is a high quality PU structure compound wear layer to create ideal friction. Refer to the picture below:

2)Rubber granulated surface consists of coloured rubber granules mixed with binder with the black rubber granules for a more interesting and exciting floor surface as shown below.

Side View Top View

3) Indoor wood surface consists of two types. The first is a mastic set of hardwood parquet adhered directly to an existing concrete floor, which has lower profile and lower cost making it ideal for retrofit and remodeling project. The second one is a Floating type system using multi-cellular, closed cell flexible foam, two layer of quality plywood and mastic set of quality parquet. The floats over concrete slab create resilience and impact absorption benefits.

polyurethane surface wooden/timber surface for aerobics rubberised surface

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